10 Travel Tips To Know Before Visiting Italy


Italy is one the most beautiful places in Europe and the world.

I have a favorite, from the top of my mind, the breathtaking Tuscan towns, and the stunning Cinque Terre. To name a few, there are so many things to think about and see when planning a trip to Italy. So, I wanted to share my tips before you go!

1.) You will get lost

It's not as easy as you might think to get lost in Italy, especially when driving through treacherous mountain tops such as in Cinque Terre. It's worth downloading an offline Google Maps map to your smartphone if you really want to get lost in Italy.This will save you a lot of time as you navigate through the narrow streets of Venice, Firenze, and any other Tuscan village.

2.) It is not just about the mainland.

It's easy to discover so much in 'the boot' of Italy. This is how it looked to me as a child. To name a few, you can visit Sicily and Sardinia.

3.) Gelato is too delicious to ignore

Italy's ice cream is among the best in the entire world. It's a bold claim, but it is true! It's hard to find a better place or country.Gelato is available on most streets. It's cheap and delicious, and will get you going after a good meal.

 4.) Get a Free Drink

There is safe, clean, and free water in many cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice. Save lots of $$$. by using a reusable or store-bought bottle.

 5.) Dinner shouldn't be rushed

Italy is known for its relaxed dining culture. You can embrace the culture and make it your own.

 6.) Card payments are acceptable

Nearly all stores accept card payments. Keep a few coins and smaller notes handy in case you need small items. Some stores have minimum spends.

7.) Italy has some amazing beaches

Italy is more than just the cities of Florence, Milan, and Venice. Do not forget to visit one of the many beautiful beaches along Italy's stunning coastline. For beautiful white sand beaches, visit Terracina.

 8.) Trains are amazing!

You can travel between cities by train. Italy boasts a high-speed railway that connects the cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice.

9.) Validate your train/bus tickets

Speaking of trains, make sure you stamp your ticket at the machines that are onboard trains and buses when you travel. If inspectors catch you, you will be fined.A ticket validating machine can be found on all public buses, trains and (usually) at each platform's beginning.

10.) The north and the south are very distinct

It is almost as if the north and south of Italy look like different countries. The north is a highly industrialized, European region. While the south has a more relaxed, Mediterranean feel, both are wonderful and very different.



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