Top 5 Best Apps to Learn English Language


Learning languages will add new skills to you, those skills will help you on your academic career especially when you study in a foreign language, they also support on improving your professional side if you want to join a successful company which usually requires a high language performance. Nowadays, most people want to learn new language by an easy and effective method so here it comes the role of mobile applications.

The lifestyle has changed and get affected by technology so the learning does, we see a huge number of mobile applications that is raising day by day and many of them are concerning language learning. In this article we are going to show you 5 of the best applications to learn English language.

1-    Duolingo

This app is considered as one of the best applications to learn a new language, it is totally free and available on App store and Google play, the application is well designed and easy to use in addition to many other features that make you enjoy learning whatever your level is.

2-    Babbel

Babble is one of those applications you can use to learn English and other languages, there are so many different lessons there and each lesson take from 10 to 15 minutes so you can discover lot of new English words and improve your vocabulary in an easy way.

3-    Tandem

In this app you can learn English language by making conversations with native speakers, there you can get in touch with people who speak lot and different languages (up to 150 accents) .

You can build some communicative skills by talking to English natives for the process of exchange language.

4-    Memrise

The concept of this application is memorizing words, it is the place where you will know new words in English language and they are going to stuck in your mind for a long time.

The app is designed as a game and you will feel like a hero who wants to get more points and achievement when you are indirectly learn new things

5-    Busuu

In Busuu you will find lot of people whom you can contact to learn their languages. The app is easy to use and include a group of different lessons which you can use to learn English language in a professional method regarding grammar and pronunciation.


So here we offer you the best 5  free apps to learn English language, all you need to do now is to choose the most appropriate app for you and start your journey!



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